Faith. Good or Bad?

Many times when I have religious debates with christians, it usually ends with them saying ‘you just gotta have faith’.  The more I have thought about that statement throughout the years, the more I would think, is faith  a good thing?  Let’s talk about faith for a minute.  Typically in life you need faith when you are uncertain about things.  Usually, the more uncertainty the more faith.  Of course, that is giving a logical explanation of faith.  Think about it, the more evidence you can provide to a certain subject or assertion, the less faith you will need to believe it.  I would think we can all agree on that for the most part.  Well, sort of.  When christians speak of faith they tend to try to change the definition.

It seems, christians try to say the faith backs up the belief.  That’s a backwards way of looking at faith.  Let me explain further.  Christians claim that they know the truth, beyond all doubts.  Then you ask them hard questions and they cite faith.  This argument starts to break down the deeper we dig into it.  So this brings me to the question, ‘is faith a good thing?’

In short, I would say, NO.  In what other areas of our lives does faith provide good?  For example, would you walk across the street without looking?  You could use faith to help you cross without getting hit.  Would you give your child to a stranger to watch?  Why not use faith?  I think you get the point.  It seems to me that using faith even for christians only works for them when trying to rationalize their religious beliefs.  Using logic, reason, etc. works perfect in all aspects of our lives, except in the belief in a deity. 

Why do the rules always seem to change so easily for christians when discussing god?  They would never teach their children to just walk through life using faith for everything.  Meanwhile, they claim faith works perfectly for their religious beliefs.  I’m rambling a bit but I hope I got my point somewhat across.  I would like to read some thoughts on this subject.  Thanks for reading.

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Why I’m an Atheist.

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